St Margret’s high school is very involved with charity especially the Malawi fund. We interviewed a 5th year pupil Victoria who is going to Malawi this year she said she is really looking forward to go to Malawi because she wants to make a difference and thinks it will be life changing .

She had to raise money so Victoria held some race nights etc. Victoria needs to gets jags and needs to take tablets to let her be safe from Malaria and different things like that. I asked her what she thought she would be doing over there and she replied saying that she wants to go around speaking to the children and wants to go into the hospitals and give medication. She also said that she wants to get involved with and music and drama workshop over there.

Victoria got involved with the trip as her older sister Alexandra had been before and she thought it sounded amazing and life changing and now the 2 sisters are going together. Victoria doesn’t really know what to expect from Malawi but is most definitely excited to go on the trip. I asked Victoria if she thought she would make a difference over there and she replied saying that she hopes to make a difference as she feels so strongly about this situation and hopes that she can help everyone that she meets that need help.

Victoria said that she was expecting it to be quite sad because they are so poor, but her older sister told her the people over they are as so happy and excited when them meet them .

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Exam Time at St Margaret’s High


In this day and age young people are constantly being pressured into achieving well in their exams. They face this pressure from their parents, teachers and even from themselves. But is this pressure to much to put on someone this young? We interviewed Kristina a 5th year pupil at St. Margaret’s High School, Airdrie to find out.

1) How many prelims have you done this year?
I’ve done 3 prelims this year

2) What subjects have you done prelims on this year?

English, HFT, Geography = (Higher) Cake Craft = (Nat 5)

3) How much pressure do you feel when studying?

A lot, because you know you need to do well in Exams to achieve what you want to

4) How do you feel before going into the Exam room?

Nervous at first but once you’ve got into the flow of things you feel better

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Easter Cup


Easter Cup

Today we interviewed the Easter cup boys who are part of an Easter football competition in our school.
For the Easter Cup they were told to choose an English football club name. Darren and Christopher are a part of a team called “Watford”. We asked them the following questions:

How you are finding the competition so far have? and they told us ‘it depends what team you are play’.
What team is winning – ‘Leeds united’.
Do you enjoy playing competitively – ‘yes very much’.
Do you prefer playing indoors or outdoors – ‘outdoors?

We interviewed Mark who is a team captain and he told us:Marks team is called ‘Brentford’
How have you found it so far – ‘Good but challenging’.
Who is winning the competition so far – ‘Leeds United?’
Do you enjoy playing competitively – ‘yes’
Do you think your team works well – ‘most of the time is’
Do you prefer playing indoors or outdoors He told us outdoors

We also interviewed Mr Clark the head of Easter Cup these are the results
How long have you been part of the Easter Cup?
He replied ‘I have been doing it for 3 years now but this is my first year taking over’.
Do you like football yourself and he told us ‘I really like football I play it and watch it myself but my favourite thing to do is referee it, and that’s what I do for the school’.
How many S1 teams to you recon is in the Easter Cup and he told there is ‘6 teams all named after English Champion league team’.

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Mock General Election


Mock Election

We held a mock election with some S2 classes in our school with a total of 76pupils who voted. We explained what the 6 main political parties stood for and allowed them to make informed votes. The results were as follows:

Political Party Votes
SNP 53

As you can see the clear winner was SNP with an astonishing 46 more votes than the 2nd highest party.

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Pupil Survey


We surveyed s1 pupils in St Margaret’s High School about things they like or prefer in school.
16 pupils completed the survery, the findings are as below:

What has been your favourite school trip/activitie so far?
Pantomime- 2 votes
Halloween Disco – 3 votes
Ski Trip – 3 votes
Dunfermline – 8 votes

Which subject do you like best?
Tech- 2 votes
English- 3 votes
Art – 5 votes
Drama – 6 votes

Who is your favourite teacher?
Mrs. Hyteris – 1 vote
Miss. Cairns – 1 vote
Miss. Connor – 1 vote
Mr. Hammod – 1 vote
Mr. Sheriden – 1 vote
Mr. Kenidy – 3 votes
Mr. Clarke – 1 vote
Mr. Mina – 6 votes

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Lenten Charities in St Margarets

St Margaret’s High School is a school that is taken part in Lenten Charities. We interviewd one of the teachers, Mr Quinn (Principle Teacher of R.E) who organises a lot for Lenten Charities to find out what was happening this year. He told us on the 27th of March 1st and 2nd year pupils will take part in a 12 hour fast for Mary’s Meals (a charity that provieds food the sick and elderly) S3-6 will take part in a 24hr fast.
We asked him other fun stuff that he had planned to help raise money. On the 30th of March the school has organised a trip to Airspace in East Kilbride, a large trampoline zone. The money that is raised will then go to Strathcarron Hospice. In June there will be a Staff Karaoke and the money that is raised for that will go to SCIAF. The school have been raising money for Lenten Charities for the last 33 years. Mr Quinn told us “We must put faith into action, actions speak louder than words”.

St Margaret’s BBC reporters

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Labels 4 Kids Competition Winner 2014


We interviewed Gemma Mcpherson a girl from class 1.4 in St Margaret’s High School for winning the ‘Labels 4 kids,’ a UK-wide competition. She had to write a short story about labels and if it won it would be made into an advert for the company. We asked;
Where she got her brilliant ideas from ‘It was just an idea that I thought would be cool.’

Do you think you will carry on writing or did you just write for the competition ‘I’m not sure but I thought I would just try it for a change.’
How do feel about your story getting published ‘I feel excited and anxious.’

Clearly getting a story published at the age of 12 would be a big achievement for any one. We wish Gemma all the best!

Hannah and Sarah, St Margarets High School, 26/02/15

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