Aimee, interviewing three 2nd year boys.

Aimee, interviewing three 2nd year boys.

Mr Callan, Aimee, Ellie and Chloe with some of the trophies.

Mr Callan, Aimee, Ellie and Chloe with some of the trophies.

Seen as a way to bring all pupils together, the annual Easter cup football tournament has become something of a tradition in St Margaret’s High School in Airdrie.
The Easter cup happens every year during Lent. It is open to first to sixth year boys and girls.
The motto of the tournament is “This tournament is open to everyone who believes football gives us fun, entertainment and the chance to build friendship and respect. Football is the people’s game.”

When the teams are entered, the matches take place during lunch time. The draw took place the week before the start of the tournament and thanks to Hamilton Accies defender Jonathon Page for drawing the teams.
Each team member pays £4 (usually 7-9 players in a team) and all the money raised goes to the Global Citizenship for raising money for Malawi. Last year we raised just over £1000, this year we hope to raise over £1500.
Each year group represents a different league: S1-English Championship, S2-serieA, S3- La Liga, S4- Premiership and S5+S6- World cup.

The games take 20 minutes each with staff and senior pupils being referees. The tournament brings staff and pupils together through the medium of football. As the weeks go on, the tournament reaches a semi-final stage then the grand final stage and an eventual winner.
There is a man of the match award and a fair play award per game for players worthy of the accolades.
There are all sort of trophies at the end, which are donated from local businesses.

We asked Mr Callan (the head of science and co-organiser) some questions about the Easter cup. The 1st question was:
How much money have we raised so far?
“Last year we raised £1,300 and for this year we have raised over £1,000 and we hope to raise at least £1,500.”
We then asked:
How many teams participated in the Easter cup this year?
Mr Callan said “There are 29 teams that participated in the matches.”
Our 3rd question was:
What league do you think is doing the best?
He answered “The most competitive is 4th year but the best team for sportsman ship is 3rd year.”
And our last question was:
When did this tradition start?
He answered “About 8 years ago and I’m delighted it is still taking place today and it is bigger and better than ever.”

We also asked three 2nd year boys some questions about the Easter Cup:
Are you enjoying the Easter cup? and What is the Easter cup about?
They answered:
“Yes the Easter cup is really enjoyable” and “The Easter cup is about Friendship, Respect and playing Football.”

To conclude, the final of the Easter cup is in a couple of weeks so stay tuned to find out who wins the coveted trophy at St Margaret’s High School Airdrie.

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