Hannah interviewing Mr Hughes to find out more about the trips.

Throughout the course of the school term, the English department at St. Margaret’s High School in Airdrie regard it important that the pupils get the opportunity to experience a variety of stage productions.

On the 21st of March 2013 the English department are taking some pupils to see ‘The Great Gatsby’ at The Festival Theatre in Edinburgh.

The trip is open to 2nd years to 6th years giving them the opportunity to experience a live drama performance, in the form of ballet.

They have also been on trips to see the ‘Woman in Black’ and ‘The Cone Gatherers’ at The Theatre Royal in Glasgow. The feedback from these trips was excellent and it was clear that staff and pupils alike really enjoyed themselves.

Mr Hughes, head of the English department, who organises the trips said: “I really enjoyed the trips we’ve been on so far and I can’t wait to go tonight to see The Great Gatsby in ballet.” He added that: “It’s great to get to know the pupils that I don’t teach and the trips really bring everyone together.”

All the pupils are very excited about going on this trip. We hope this is as successful as the other trips.

In the forthcoming weeks, the BBC school report team from St. Margaret’s High will be reporting on how the trip went. So stay tuned!!!


Our interviewer Hannah, alongside Mr Hughes and one of the posters advertising the trip.


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