“And Lewis will walk 200 metres”

With the sun out, the crowds cheering and the excitement of one of the world’s biggest sporting events about to start, one lucky student is getting the chance to play a massive role. Lewis, a 6th year pupil at St. Margaret’s High School in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, has been chosen to be a baton bearer for the Queen’s Baton Relay for The Commonwealth Games 2014. He is one of thousands of people who will be doing this across the world and will represent North Lanarkshire as the baton nears Glasgow for the opening ceremony. Currently the baton is located in St. Kitts and this is 6501 km from where Lewis is going to be carrying the baton.

A Commonwealth Games baton carrier, Lewis, being interviewd by one of the team

A Commonwealth Games baton carrier, Lewis, being interviewd by one of the team

We spoke to Lewis for an exclusive interview. We asked him “Why did you want to be part of the Commonwealth Games?” he replied “I wanted to take part in the games just out of interest and I’m interested in sport”. We also asked him “Who are you rooting for?” he replied with “I don’t really know, but I think I would cheer on Jamaica and probably Great Britain”. Lewis will be walking 200 meters with the torch on the 23rd of June of this year when the games will be held in Glasgow.
The school’s PE department has introduced a “Common Wealth Games Wall” and this wall has events pasted over it and what countries are competing in the events. The wall has been made to show the different flags of the countries involved and it also shows the different events that brings the games to life

Reported by: Ruaraidh, Conor, Adam and Michael.
The Commonwealth reporters and Lewis.
bbc lt interview

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