Just Dance!

A group of S1-3 aspiring dancers from St Margaret’s High School competed with other schools from the North Lanarkshire area on Wednesday the 26th of March. We interviewed ten girls who took part in the competition to find out their views and opinions concerning dance.


S1 girls looking colourful


The first group of girls we interviewed, were S1 pupils who competed in a group competition of street and hip-hop. The girls dance within and outside of school and enjoy it. They all have danced since a young age, and found out about the competition through their teacher who recommended they enter. The girls were supposed to train with a young dance coach but they chose to do it themselves as they felt confident in their own abilities. One of the girls in the S1 group wants to become a dance teacher when she grows up.

Our 2nd year girls looking snazzy!

Our 2nd year girls looking snazzy!

The second group of girls we interviewed were the S2 dancers. One girl had heard about the competition through the school bulletin and asked her friends to join her so they could perform in a group. The girls began practicing in February to make sure their dance was perfect. Three of the four girls already dance outside of school, and the last girl is restarting her dancing classes. They enjoy dancing because they find it a fun way to keep fit. One of the girls said “if you have the right music and the right dance moves to go with it, you can feel so much more than movements”. Most of the girls say it gives them an adrenaline rush when they dance because they get lost in their moves. One of the girls wanted to go into musical theatre and one wants to open her own dance school. All of them can agree that street dance is their favorite form of dancing.

Paul and his tippity tappity shoes

Paul and his tippity tappity shoes

Two pupils from the school entered as solo dancers. These pupils were Caitlin and Paul from S3. Caitlin, who ranked third in the All Worlds Irish Dancing competition in Dublin last year, performed an Irish Dancing solo. Paul performed a tap dancing solo with his suit and bowtie.

The girls agreed that it was a good, enjoyable experience and they all feel they have done well. They have not received their results yet but we wish them all the best of luck! Reported By: Claire, Emily, Kirsty and Taylor

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