Scottish independence – The Referendum

With the referendum just around the corner, the people of Scotland are deciding their vote which will determine the future of their country. An independent Scotland or a United Britain? For the first time ever, the senior pupils of St Margaret’s High School will be able to vote along with the rest of Scotland. The new voting age, 16 years old, allows the youth of Scotland to decide the future of their country. Many adults feel that the new voting age is too low as teenagers are unaware of politics and may possibly be persuaded by their parents or carers to vote in line with their opinion. At St. Margaret’s High School we believe that the youth should be allowed to vote as it is their future we are deciding on. We were curious to know what both teachers and pupils thought about ‘an independent Scotland’. We created a survey questioning peoples’ opinions on the referendum. We got a variety of answers and feelings from everyone who took part. The options were between ‘Yes’ ‘No’ and ‘Indecisive’.
Here are the results:

Yellow: YES Blue: NO Green: Undecided

Yellow: YES
Blue: NO
Green: Undecided

We asked a variety of questions to explain why they were persuaded to choose their answer. A lot of the pupils that answered were concerned that there will be a higher tax rate. Other reasons that caused the pupils and teachers to vote no were:
• Force tension between the UK and Scotland.
• Insufficient funds to run the country.
• Lack of information given to voters.
• The currency change would be too time consuming and damage the EU currency zone.

Reasons for pupils and teachers to say yes were:

• Right to a more democratic process.
• Control over our own decisions and funds.
• More devolved powers.
• More modern country.

One of our pupil taking part in the poll

One of our pupil taking part in the poll

The vote will cause controversy between the people of Scotland. What will be the consequences of the vote? The people of St. Margaret’s are looking forward to have a say in our country’s future.


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