Exam Time at St Margaret’s High


In this day and age young people are constantly being pressured into achieving well in their exams. They face this pressure from their parents, teachers and even from themselves. But is this pressure to much to put on someone this young? We interviewed Kristina a 5th year pupil at St. Margaret’s High School, Airdrie to find out.

1) How many prelims have you done this year?
I’ve done 3 prelims this year

2) What subjects have you done prelims on this year?

English, HFT, Geography = (Higher) Cake Craft = (Nat 5)

3) How much pressure do you feel when studying?

A lot, because you know you need to do well in Exams to achieve what you want to

4) How do you feel before going into the Exam room?

Nervous at first but once you’ve got into the flow of things you feel better

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