St Margret’s high school is very involved with charity especially the Malawi fund. We interviewed a 5th year pupil Victoria who is going to Malawi this year she said she is really looking forward to go to Malawi because she wants to make a difference and thinks it will be life changing .

She had to raise money so Victoria held some race nights etc. Victoria needs to gets jags and needs to take tablets to let her be safe from Malaria and different things like that. I asked her what she thought she would be doing over there and she replied saying that she wants to go around speaking to the children and wants to go into the hospitals and give medication. She also said that she wants to get involved with and music and drama workshop over there.

Victoria got involved with the trip as her older sister Alexandra had been before and she thought it sounded amazing and life changing and now the 2 sisters are going together. Victoria doesn’t really know what to expect from Malawi but is most definitely excited to go on the trip. I asked Victoria if she thought she would make a difference over there and she replied saying that she hopes to make a difference as she feels so strongly about this situation and hopes that she can help everyone that she meets that need help.

Victoria said that she was expecting it to be quite sad because they are so poor, but her older sister told her the people over they are as so happy and excited when them meet them .

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